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The Believers Guide

Discover and Live out your five most important life missions. Explore this faith-based system for becoming the best...more

Recent books by our Contributors

Healing a Broken Marriage, By Deborah Ross Running on E, by Karen McCracken Jesus is Passing By, by Stephanie Ols...more

Monthly Bible study group discussion

This month 's discussion for your consideration centers on Persecution and the 21st century church...more

Angi Reno's essay this month

Wrestling with life's choices......more

Don Sunshine- Two Lists

As full-time ambassadors for Jesus Christ (2Cor.5:20), it is our job to move as many people as we can from the eter...more

Loss of power, by Susan LeDoux

Even when a person no longer has capacity and guardianship must be sought, we must still respect the person buried ...more

Does your theology intersect with reality?

Cavin Harper challenges us to test what we believe about God and our faith...more


Women of Christ Magazine is released!

Hear from Ron Heisey, Editor, about our first issue of Women of Christ Magazine and why we exist... [more]

Video - learn a little more about us

This video explains in detail the purpose of Women of Christ Magazine and what we're all about... [more]


Read through the Bible in one year

Reading the Bible through in a year is a worthy goal and helps you track your progress each day through our... [more]

Christian coaching services for women

After the initial consultation, we will develop a game plan, including goals and strategies for achieving... [more]